Electronic Customer Feedback


Customer Matters! Feedback+ is a download android app which helps owners, decision makers directly get in touch with their customers responses instantaneously. It doesn't require any hardware, just download the app to your android mob or tablet and get in touch with your customer via live graphical dashboard.

As an executive of a multi-location operation, you must have realized the critical need for

an instantaneous high quality high volume customer feedback system. Such a system is required for you to be on top of the customer experience management based on live quality metrics.

Our system will help you to retain and grow your loyal customer base. Quickly identifying any chronic customer issues and then helping to resolve them as soon as possiable.

  • Customizable Surveys & Feedbacks
  • Multilingual Feedback
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Social Media Integration
  • Comment Section
  • Branding
  • Instant Alert Via Email & SMS
  • Backup