Customer Service oriented companies and institutions frequently face the problem of lengthy queues and unpredictable waiting time causing tension among both customers and employees which result in efficiency decline. Making customers wait in line means you lose business. Happy customers stay and buy. Unhappy customers don't.

QTECH PLUS is one of the leading Pakistani manufacturers for Integrated Queue Management Systems, to offer you wide variety of queue management system based on your requirement we offer different solutions for different applications suitable for different environments.

Management systems is ideally designed for banks, telecom service centers, health care centers, immigration offices, government institutions, hospitals, retail outlets, airlines offices, embassies or any other organization where a heavy queue exists.

Our solution is helping some of the biggest names in the industry to help them enhance their customer experience, all over the globe in more than 5 countries and still counting.


Designed to be used from a touch-screen kiosk, QTECH Consumer Kiosk lets your customers join your lines by following simple instructions on an easy-to-use graphical display

Central Displays

The QTECH Central Displays keep update your lines in real time with customized counter displays multiple queue numbers and counter numbers with voice calling. Showing preloaded videos for brand promotion.

Soft Ticket Calling

The QTECH Soft Ticket Calling units display the counter calling numbers with providing the facilitations, you can call the ticket number via windows, laptop, tablet and mobile phones.

Counter Ticket Display

State of the art wall or ceiling mounted QTECH Counter Ticket displays.